Syrian Water Resources Platform



Syrian Water Resources Platform Members

The Platform includes members of humanitarian organizations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, universities, research centers, experts, and consultants interested and active in the water resources sector in northern Syria to improve the response and rationalization of resources and double the impact through coordination, integration and information management efforts.

General principles of participation
in The Syrian Water Resources Platform

Exchange of information with keeping the members’ rights to information.

Mutual support between members and the Platform to achieve joint objectives.

The commitment of the members to the values and objectives of the Platform.

Stick to the principles of participation in the platform and attending the regular meetings.

The Platform itself is committed to transparency in its work and neutralism towards the platform members.

Ensuring the full independence of platform members in managing their internal affairs.

Participation in the platform does not entail any financial obligations.

Members Releases

The latest publications of the members in the water platform

Investigation Report of Kasra and Sawa Communities

During the past few days, several cholera cases have been confirmed in northeast Syria which means the pandemic has started spreading among the local people, which requires conducting a sterile WASH study in the impacted areas to get an expanded understanding of the WASH services since drinking water and sanitation are one of the main …

Orontes River Contamination Report

At the beginning of August 2022, pictures and videos of dead fish floating in Orontes River were circulated, in addition to poisoning cases reported in some neighboring areas as a result of eating river fish. In response to this critical health condition, ACU WASH team, one of the members of the #Syrian_Water_Resources_Platform, visited the river …

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