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Binaa Organization for Development is a non-governmental non-profit humanitarian organization, was founded and licensed in January 2014 in Turkey. Cross-border humanitarian response was the starting point of this organization. Binaa came to existence as a natural evolution to an initiative that was started in 2013 by a group of Syrian engineers, entrepreneurs and expatriates who have worked in multiple diverse fields in many countries and have amassed more than 40 years of collective experience. Those founders have been interested in community involvement and humanitarian response to provide support, development and empowerment to needy communities and individuals. Binaa operates based on its understanding and reliance on sustainable development and societal participation as a foundation to help communities identify their needs.

Binaa provides innovative solutions and implements the most efficient, effective and impactful projects to improve communities’ current reality and achieve sustainability. Binaa considers its programs as a communication platform where its teams, volunteers, partners and local communities share their experiences through a group of services that solve critical problems and implement feasible solutions. Benefiting from collective and accumulated experience, these solutions are related to current reality and suitable to local communities. In its operations, Binaa follows a disciplined methodology to develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate its operations and outputs to ensure accountability to communities and partners while corresponding to Binaa’s values, vision and mission and humanitarian work principles. Binaa is characterized by its technical and engineering staff that has extensive and diverse experience inside and outside Syria.

Additionally, Binaa strives to train and develop its employees so they gain the necessary and important experiences in critical specialties such as infrastructure, education, protection and livelihood.

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