Syrian Water Resources Platform


Syrian Water Resource Platform is a joint space for work and coordination between humanitarian organizations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, universities, research centers, experts, and consultants interested and active in the water resources sector in northern Syria to improve the response and rationalization of resources and maximize the impact through coordination, integration and information management efforts.

Strategic Goals of Platform

Identify priorities in the water and sanitation sectors In line with the situation in the field and appropriate with the humanitarian and international standards.

Stakeholder mapping of national water and sanitation actors.

Strengthen the communication between water and sanitation actors at all stages.

Ensure and secure a data bank for the sector and make it shareable and accessible for all various actors.

Creating an enabling environment for sharing experiences and knowledge among platform members.

Advocate and highlight important issues in the WASH sector to reach a better response.

Provide partnership opportunities between platform members through developing integrated projects.

WRP Principles

The platform is not a substitute for the UN-WASH cluster, but rather supports and integrates with it.

The platform is not owned by the ACU, but it is hosted by it.

The platform is not a structured body that attracts funding for direct projects for the WASH sector, but rather to improve the response.