Syrian Water Resources Platform

ATAA Humanitarian Relief Association


ATAA is a non-profit humanitarian association, was licensed and registered in Turkey as a national organization in 2013, working to provide humanitarian assistance in both Syria and Turkey and seeks to develop the Syrian society and to strengthen its living conditions. ATAA not only is providing emergency response but also promotes sustainable economic and social development by working with the Syrian community – regardless of race, religion or gender inside Syria and Turkey in aligning with Sustainable Development Goals. ATAA’s Headquarters Office is located in Istanbul and is implementing its programs throughout four offices in Turkey and seven in Syria. Since 2013 ATAA has participated in saving and transforming the lives of over 5 million Syrians. By responding to the Syrian crisis, rebuilding lives and empower Syrians – ATAA is seeking to save lives before they are lost, trying to increase the Syrian community resilience.

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