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arche noVa


arche noVa is a humanitarian organization from Dresden, that has been supporting people in need for over two decades, performed long-term development cooperation and implemented education programs. today arche noVa focuses mainly on WASH projects, which combine the three components of water, sanitation and hygiene in various contexts. Over 844 million people worldwide lack a safe water supply, and nearly a third of the world’s population lives without adequate sanitary facilities with significant danger for their health and development. We are committed to ensure that all people receive access to safe and clean drinking water as well as basic sanitation. This has been a recognized Human Right since 2010. Often, we combine WASH with other thematic areas, such as education or livelihoods. For the supported people this means better health, greater food security, new sources of income and the perspective of a self-determined life. arche noVa is mainly active in rural areas, where the access to water and sanitary facilities is especially problematic. Together with local partner organizations and local communities we work in accordance with the principle of helping people to help themselves. Together we develop custom solutions and rely mainly on local building materials as well as appropriate technologies that are easy to maintain. Together with the communities, we create structures of self-determinate administration and thereby strengthen civil society. With accompanying measures for social and economic development of the population, arche noVa contributes to global poverty alleviation.

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