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Nasaem Khair


Established in 2012, Nasaem Khair has strived to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian afflicted people right from the beginning of the Syrian crisis. Nasaem Khair seeks to save and relieve those most vulnerable affected by the conflict. Naseem started, as an integrated team, working tirelessly to bring back students to their schools, support families unable to secure a dignified living, and sympathize with individuals afflicted with grief and loss. For this, we have gathered, upholding a mission of relief, development, and education. Nasaem Khair was registered in Turkey in October 2015 under Registration Number: 27-019-014. Since then, Nasaem Khair has provided humanitarian aid in various sectors, including Food Security and Livelihood, Shelter and Non-food Items, Education, WASH, Health, and Protection. We believe that humanitarian aid should be provided to people in need regardless of their language, sex, race, or nationality. Aid is to be prioritized solely based on need. Equally, we believe that aid will not be used to further a particular standpoint. Nasaem Khair has been implementing sustainable programs that improve access to the most vulnerable families to immediate, life-saving assistance and long-term recovery to increase opportunities for future generations.

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