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Space of Peace


Space of Peace Organization (SOP) is a local humanitarian organization that was established in Syria and Turkey, it was legally registered in  Turkey in 2016 NGO.

Space of peace focuses on providing Protection and Education along with providing an emergency response through core relief items distribution, sustainable development, and capacity building.

The main donors of the SOP are the UN OCHA Syria Cross Border Humanitarian Fund, IOM, UNICEF, WHH, IRC, GMO founded by SIDA, ISHA funded by USAID, and private donors.

SOP has developed a strong operational and managerial capacity in a relatively short time, it follows well-established policies and procedures and it has been externally audited and monitored with very good results. The SOP is an active member of the protection, education, Shelter /  NFI, FSL, Early Recovery, Health, CCCM, and social cohesion, dialogue, and peacebuilding.

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