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MATTAR is a non-profit, non-governmental Syrian civil society organization established in early 2015 after the crisis that afflicted the Syrian people in order to alleviate their suffering and support them with the necessary humanitarian needs in most sectors of humanitarian work by a group of Syrian youth volunteers, located at the north of Syria, in coordination with our strategic partners and from many humanitarian agencies, local and international NGOs and the partners in the OCHA platform of the United Nations, of which we are honored with membership.
MATTAR is assisted by a distinguished and expert work team with humanitarian work, which includes a large number of dedicated volunteers in all service and logistical areas of doctors, teachers, engineers, and other professional specialists. Our organization has been licensed to work in Turkey since the beginning of 2018, under the name of Mattar for relief and development. MATTAR works with impartiality and does not follow any political party or side.

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