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Sham University


Sham University is a non-profit academic educational institution. It was established in North Syria in 2015 to serve the local community and prepare a generation capable of building and leading the future.

The university has opened the following colleges:
– Faculty of Health Sciences
– Faculty of Economical Sciences
– Faculty of Political Sciences
– Faculty of Sharia and Law
– Faculty of Arts and Humanities
– Faculty of Education
– Faculty of Engineering, which consists of the following departments:
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Communication Engineering
Informatics Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering

In addition to:
– Institute of Postgraduate Studies
– Sham Center for Studies and Scientific Research

These colleges have +2200 undergraduate and +400 postgraduate students. They benefit from the wide range of services provided by the university, such as daily meals, student accommodation, and financial aid.

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