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Drinking water Situation report at Marma Elhajar village

The residents of Marma Elhajar village are currently suffering from a severe shortage of water supplies as a result of chemical contamination with ammonia that affected the only water spring that secures the needed water of the residents. In light of the current situation, there are approximately 2,300 people struggling to secure their water needs from different sources after stopping pumping water from the station fed from the contaminated spring.

ACU WASH team has assessed the situation in the village and prepared a detailed report presenting the obtained findings based on the proof.

To view the report, please click on the following links.

In the absence of quick solutions as the contamination reached the spring directly, we encourage NGOs and local actors to support these people to alleviate their suffering and help them find solutions that are more sustainable.

To view the report, please click on the following links

report in English

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