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Takaful Al Sham Charity Organization (TAS) is a non-profit organization providing relief and development assistance to communities affected by conflict and crisis. Additionally, TAS aims to empower and find solutions to enable sustainability for those affected by war, crisis, and disaster as well as those who have fled their country in search of stability elsewhere. TAS was one of the first local NGOs founded by a group of volunteers to respond to the Syria crisis. TAS, since its founding in 2012, has assisted over 2 million internally displaced people and refugees in Syria and in Turkey. In coordination with international donors, partners and in cooperation with local organizations, authorities, and other such coordination mechanisms, we have made a difference together.
Takaful Al Sham’s Work:
Takaful Al Sham seeks to save lives and alleviate human suffering through collaborative, local, and sustainable relief and development assistance. Believing that socio-economic sustainability, development, and durable solutions are the key to a brighter future, TAS offers expertise in empowerment and multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance projects; TAS has a broad range of experience assessing and meeting the needs of displaced persons and instilling self-reliance. TAS’s approach to humanitarian assistance ensures that we engage stakeholders in planning, and also in implementation.
We work shoulder-to-shoulder with local communities not only to provide aid, but also to promote comprehensive capacity building, referral systems, and follow-up to ensure complete and holistic care and support while ensuring community engagement and empowerment.
Where Takaful Al Sham works
TAS implements multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance projects for refugees, internally displaced persons, and host communities in Syria and in Turkey. TAS has over 450 permanent staff, over 100 volunteers/interns, and 2,500 throughout our projects. TAS has been facilitating and coordinating access to Syria for humanitarian workers since 2013.

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